UPSC CSE Made Easy. Even without coaching!

 Get a personalized timetable daily for your UPSC CSE preparation. Don't worry! Your 100% syllabus will be done, with revision. 

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One-for-all app to manage your entire preparation

Helppr brings you a dream-come-true solution to better prepare without burning money for coaching

  • Personalized Study Plan

    Helppr provides a personalized timetable daily accounting to your study hours. The AI-powered study planner will make sure your syllabus is covered on time. With revision!

  • Daily Quizzes

    Test your progress every day with daily quizzes, both topic-wise and chapter-wise. Work on important topics and excel.

  • Syllabus Tracker

    Track how much of your syllabus is done and what is pending. There is more! You can also check when will your syllabus for individual subjects be done.

  • Preparation Insights

    Get your daily preparation insights, like learning efficiency, quiz success rate and improvements, and compare them with other users.

  • 1:1 Mentor Guidance

    Get all your doubts cleared from our experienced mentors. Whether you need guidance on what and how to study or maybe any subject-specific doubts, all will be cleared!

  • Curated Study Material

    Get curated ebooks and youtube video lectures for all the important UPSC study material. Never waste time again searching for study material on the web!

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How does it work?

Follow these simple steps to make your preparation journey simpler and smoother. Try it for free.

  • Exams list
    Create your profile and choose your exam
  • Exam year
    Set the exam year and language
  • Day
    Follow your personalized study plan daily
  • Qestion 1
    Attempt daily quizzes and check your progress
  • Weekly
    Stay consistent and leave your syllabus completion to us

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